2020 год glavnaya

Media as an important tool for development of democracy should and can actively influence society

The Center for Retraining Journalists of Uzbekistan has signed an agreement on the project “Strengthening the capacity of journalists and bloggers for covering legal reforms in Uzbekistan, protecting their rights and raising awareness of citizens about the rule of law”.

The USAID Judicial Reform in Uzbekistan Program became a partner in this project. The agreement was signed by the Director of the Representative Office Garry Ledbetter and the Director of the Center for Retraining Journalists of Uzbekistan G. Babajanova.
For increasing public awareness of changes in the legal sphere and professionalism of journalists in the field of legal journalism, the project provides for training for journalists and bloggers in all regions of the country, preparation of a manual on media coverage of judicial reform issues, creation of an interactive training course of seven thematic sections for journalists, bloggers and other interested parties on “The role of the media in exercising public control”. An important part of the project’s work is also providing legal advice to journalists and bloggers in their work to prepare qualitative materials.