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Tourist potential of Bukhara

The sphere of tourism is becoming one of the leading spheres of the economy. And our region has great potential in this respect. 660 objects of material and spiritual heritage speaks volumes.

The Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 19, 2017, «On Immediate Measures to Develop the Tourism Potential of the City of Bukhara and the Bukhara Region in 2017-2019», and the Decree of August 16, 2017, «On the Development of Tourism in the Years 2018-2019» are important steps towards the realization of this sphere. In accordance with these resolutions, a plan was developed to create favorable conditions for foreign tourists as well as local tourists visiting the country and further improving the quality of their services.

In order to develop tourism in the region and further improve the infrastructure of the tourism industry, the country’s leader approved a program on the basis of which a total of 21 hotels (17 of which in the city of Bukhara), 7 new buses of tourist type were put into operation. For a short time, the schedules of flights and high-speed train «Afrosiyob» are optimized.

New hotels in the city of Bukhara, cultural and entertainment places, such as an amphitheater designed for 500 people and other modernly equipped facilities are included in the tourist zone «Ancient Bukhara», located on 10 hectares of land where architectural and construction works are completed by both local and foreign architects.

On the territory of the former Shahristan market, construction work is being carried out to build the center of Bukhara craftsmen, in such shrines as Khoja Abdulkhalika Gizhduvani, Khoja Arif ar-Revgari Khodja Mahmud Anjir Fagnawi, Khoja Ali Romitani, Khodja Mohammed Boboyi Samosi, Sayid Amir Kulol, Bakhouddin Naqshbandi and Chorbakr are carrying out large-scale construction and repair work. In order to promote the tourism potential of the region in a broader sense, festivals «Silk and spices», «Bukhara Day», «Melon festival» and festivals «Masters of Bukhara» are held.

Cooperation with foreign countries is being strengthened. In particular, Memorandums of Cooperation between Luoyang of China and the Russian city of Vladimir and Bukhara were signed. Also negotiations in this direction are conducted with such countries as Spain, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Latvia and Turkey.

In 2017, the export of tourist services to foreign tourists reached 76.3 million dollars. with a growth rate of 110%. Taking into account individual pilgrims for domestic tourism, the number of local tourists is about 2 million people. This is 15% more than in 2016.

At the moment, more than 1200 people from the community of the Youth Union, labor shock workers and farmers travel through the «guide to Bukhara» program. Students of the 4th year of tourism and history of Bukhara State University, as volunteers and trainees, provide high quality services on modern tourist buses.

2018 in the same direction, events and a conference dedicated to the «life and scientific heritage of Abu Ali ibn Sina» will be held, festivals dedicated to «Nasreddin Afandi» and «Coisine of the East», an event dedicated to the 915th anniversary of Abdulkhalik Gizhduvani and the anniversary of the 700th anniversary of Bahouddin Nakshbandi.

On December 7-10, 2017 the delegation of our region took an active part in the international tourist fair in Izmir, Turkey. At the four-day international exhibition the organizers and guests of the exhibition were delighted with the tourism industry, tourist potential, rich history, cultural heritage, sacred places, nature, culture and traditions of our region.

During the meetings, the parties agreed on the further development of bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism, establishing mutually beneficial cooperation in the tourism sector, increasing the flow of tourists from Turkey to Bukhara and establishing effective cooperation in the future.
In addition, the travel companies «Bukhara Eco Tour» and «East Line Tour» have reached agreements and agreements with many foreign partners at the international travel exhibition «Travel Turkey Izmir 2017», which demonstrated tourism opportunities and potential in the Bukhara region. Tourist company Bukhara Eco Tour has signed agreements with travel companies like Gingir travels, Kemer travel, Sefir tour, Golden tours, Movlana Istanbul, Betatur, OBT Travel, Sinaia Tours «,» Folo Travel «and even more than 100 other travel agencies.

According to the results of the talks, the tourist company Bukhara Eco Tour is expected to organize a meeting of more than 3000 tourists from Turkey in 2018. «East Line Tour» signed agreements with more than 120 foreign travel companies. Based on the agreements reached by the representatives of the company, next year about 4000 tourists from Turkey are expected.

In addition, architects from Bukhara Zuhriddin Mukhitdinov and Farrukh Radzhabov visited the international tourism exhibition «Travel Turkey Izmir 2017» and got acquainted with the sights of the city of Izmir and Istanbul, parks, buildings and structures of historical and cultural monuments and construction of road infrastructure and urban architecture.

They met and exchanged experience with such companies as Chimstone, one of the largest architectural and construction companies, Brasko, engaged in the construction and equipment of modern hotels, leading companies in the construction of Kemer and Makera Atolyesi parks, and representatives of Otem Dekorason in Istanbul, a company that built and equipped hotels in several foreign countries.
The architects also examined the surface coverage and engineering techniques of the narrow streets of the old city of Istanbul, the solution to the problems of car parking, the organization of traffic control and the methods for collecting waste.

October 2, 2017 held a meeting under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to implement a promising state policy in the field of tourism development, new projects and tourism programs for the further development of domestic tourism. The successful completion of the agricultural season in 2017, the heads and members of farms were sent to rest on tourist trips, visit cultural heritage sites and visit holy places to introduce the system for the implementation of the program «Journey of Bukhara farmers» is another innovative approach to development tourism.

Currently there are 124 hotels in the region. In order to further improve the tourism potential of Bukhara in 2018, it is planned to build more than 30 hotels, 50 restaurants and more than 10 parks. Extensive work in this area increases the level of service for tourists, creates new jobs and provides an opportunity for foreigners to get acquainted with the rich, spiritual and cultural heritage of Bukhara.

Botirjon Shahryoyev,
Deputy Assistant for Tourism Development under the Khokimiyat (local administration) of Bukhara region