2020 год glavnaya

Uzbekistan to adopt National Human Rights Strategy

Uzbekistan is working on the adoption of the National Human Rights Strategy. The draft documents have been prepared by the National Human Rights Centre.

The draft National Human Rights Strategy provides a set of measures aimed at improving the standard of living and wellbeing in Uzbekistan through ensuring human rights and freedoms.
Among them are further development of the national system for monitoring and evaluating state human rights policies, strengthening national institutions for the protection of human rights.
A special place in the strategy is given to the observance of the rights of persons in places of detention, where access to justice must be guaranteed.
It is planned to increase the level of social support for people in need of special protection of the state and society. Much attention will be paid to the practical protection of freedom of speech, religion, access to information, and ensuring gender equality.
The protection of the family institution will be raised to a new level, including through the growth of legal and socio-economic support, the protection of motherhood, fatherhood and childhood, and the fight against domestic violence.
A wide program is also provided for increasing the level of knowledge of youth in human rights. It is planned to introduce a special course “Human Rights” in higher education institutions and training centers for retraining, expand classes on this topic in schools, lyceums and colleges.
Economic human rights are also covered, the full observance of which underlies the development of private property, the creation of equal conditions for doing business, the real development of public-private partnership.
It is proposed to establish an annual national award “For the protection of human rights”.
In addition, it is planned to host Samarkand Human Rights Forum in 2020.